Amber Wireless - 2.4GHz wireless Module up to 2Km range, with 10mW power

12-03-2015 10:26


The new AMB2220 is a compact radio module operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency band that provides outstanding radio range at low data rates and low power consumption. 

In the past, a wireless 2.4 GHz module required up to 100 mW output power in order to cover a radio range of 1 km or more. The same or even better radio range can now easily be obtained at only 10 mW transmit power by simply using the new AMB2220!

The radio module comprises an internal microcontroller which controls all radio communications. The module provides an UART interface in order to communicate with a host controller (SPI optional). Customer application software can also easily be integrated into the MCU of the module in order to save an additional host controller and to reduce costs.

The integrated radio protocol enables the usage of star and peer-to-peer networks.

Due to special characteristics of the transceiver the AMB2220 module supports low-power applications where permanent availability over radio is required.

The wireless module is available with either an integrated chip antenna or RF pad in order to connect an external antenna.

The AMB2220 can be soldered directly on the target hardware, just like any conventional SMD component.

By using the AMB2220, the integration of a wireless interface with a large range into your product is now greatly simplified. Development time and costs are reduced significantly!

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